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Non Nudist Area

Nudist Area

Non Nudist Area

Non Nudist Area

Non Nudist Area

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    Theme Resort, costumes optional.

    Launch 2013/2014 season. Come enjoy a great vacation, we hope to give you an excellent stay.

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  • Location

    Located in a natural setting of sand, sea, forest, stream and with easy access to the nude beach, 100 meters from the resort, just 10 minutes from the city of Punta del Este, is the Chihuahua Resort. A must for those who love nature or want to have fun and enjoy a unique and unforgettable destination. Its mild and pleasant weather, you can enjoy the beach Chihuahua almost all year.

    Ruta interbalnearia Km 115.5
    S 34´52.417´ W 055´05.014´
    (+598) 4257.7591
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